Wednesday, March 16, 2011

“Homage” exhibit, Rio Gallery Friday, March 18

This Friday I will be participating in "Homage." The show will be one of the best Salt Lake has seen in a long time. The artists include Linnie Brown, Joey Behrens, Emily Bunnell, Jane Catlin, Sunny Belliston, Sandy Brunvard, Stefanie Dykes, Joe Norman, Barb Frazier, Aundrea Frahm, Von Allen, Marcee Blackerby, Namon Bills, Spencer Budd, Blue Critchfield, Randal Marsh, Camille Wheatley, Justin Wheatley, Steven Stradley, Chris Terry, Gary Barton, Joe Ostraff, Peter Everett, Noel Carmack, Steven Sheffield, Josh Toone, Ric Blackerby, Brian Christensen, Travis Tanner and John Neely.

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